Fall Prevention

Patient Falls Add Up

Patient Falls are an unfortunate and damaging injury that every facility hopes to prevent before they can occur. Any number of factors can lead to a patient at risk; age, medication, poor vision, etc.. and it adds up:

  • U.S. Hospitals average 3.5 falls per 1000 patient days
  • A non-litigated fall can average up to $10,000 or more
  • Effective fall prevention measures yield a measurable ROI

Diagnosing risk factors, training staff, and implementing new technology can all lead to fewer incidents and safer patients. Halco Life Safety Systems would like to be your partner in developing an effective solution to stopping a costly problem before it occurs.

Responder 5 Nurse Call, in conjunction with a hospital's own fall prevention program, can help improve patient safety and reduce injury from patient falls. This integrated system keeps patients in touch with caregivers and allows them to respond to patients needs in a timely, proactive manner.

Illuminate High-Risk Patients

Nurses and staff members need to be able to see at a glance the location of fall risk patients. The Responder 5 Corridor Light placed outside each patient's room can be lit permanently with a yellow light, indicating to staff that a fall risk patient is located in that room. This visual indication reinforces the caregiver's awareness of fall risk patients every time they walk down the hall and on their rounds.  

Keep Caregivers in Control

Rounding, or regularly checking on fall risk patients, can help prevent patients from getting up and doing things on their own without staff support. Currently, when nurses do rounding, they set the time on their watches and record the patient status at each visit. The Responder 5 Staff Terminal has eliminated this manual process with its Rounding buttons which allow staff to set automatic rounding reminders and choose the duration—30, 60, or 90-minute intervals that can be delivered directly to a wireless devices. This practice helps reduce falls leading to a more efficient and safer patient environment.  

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Stay in Touch, Everywhere

Over 40% of patient falls occur when a patient attempts to go to—or from—the bathroom. The risk increases with post-op patients who are often medicated. The Responder 5 Audio Pull-Cord Bath station allows audio communication between caregivers and patients in the bathroom. By being able to talk directly to a patient in the bathroom, a caregiver can help them to stay calm and assure them that help is on the way.  

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Connect Patients with Staff

Caregivers regularly walk 1-5 miles every shift and having staff prepared to take a patient to the bathroom, provide water or pain medication, saves time and mileage. Putting Bathroom Requests at the touch of a button helps prevent falls by reducing the temptation for patients to get up and move around themselves. Responder 5 Pillow Speakers offer patients three distinct call feature buttons—"Water," "Pain," and "Toilet," that will call directly to a caregiver's wireless phone, pager or nurse console station. Each button enables patients to tell nurses exactly what they need—when they need it.  

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Instantly Respond Anywhere

In the unfortunate event that a patient fall has occurred, the caregiver has to get to the room quickly to assist the patient and assess the injury. With the Responder 5's integration to wireless phones, caregivers will receive their patient's call real-time, no matter where they are located on the floor. Caregivers have the ability to communicate quickly with the patient—instructing them to stay still and letting them know assistance is on the way, therefore, helping to eliminate subsequent falls and further possible injury.  

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Keep Caregivers Focused

When a patient is identified as a fall risk, this data is recorded manually on the patient's chart or on grease boards that are restricted to the nursing stations. This makes it difficult for a caregiver to identify fall risk patients and without immediate notification, they have to spend time looking for this information. The Responder 5 Software for the PC Console and Census screens can display colorful graphic swoops next to a patient's name to help indicate which patients are presently fall risks, preparing for surgery—which could lead to risk and sensitivity to falls—and or have other specific needs. The software can be displayed on any PC on the unit, making this information easier  

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The goal of any Fall Prevention Solution should involve identifying high-risk patients, monitoring those patients with the best technology, and training staff to assess and prevent fall events from occuring. We understand your goal is prevention rather than reaction when it comes to dealing with this problem and hope that our knowledge and expertise will meet that challenge.